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Product Name:TC-PF2512 RICOH GEN5/GEN6

Product Details:
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USD 5000.00-100000.00 /
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20 per Day
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2 weeks
UV Flated printer

Detailed Product Description:

1.Convex spotlight makes stronger light to cure ink,

and efficient water-recycling system ensure it works

longer time.

2. A unique media-positioning pin

A unique media-positioning pin and one-key type

pneumatic controller installed in this machine

provides accuracy and convenience respectively for

panel-loading and panel-positioning This rod also

spares any deviation in repetitive printing.

3. Automatic anti- static systen

Anti-statics system is upgraded to eliminate statics at higher efficiency and in larger area

4. White Ink Stirring Function

The white ink automatic stirring and precipitation system can prevent the white ink from precipitating and effectively prevent the white ink from precipitating and blocking the nozzle.

5. Ink temperature control system

Automatic heating system can make the ink to

be in the best situation at a constant tempera

so obtaining the best print quality.

6. Automatic solenoid control of ink system

The ink valve system is opened and closed automatically

bysolenoid valve control